Microsoft Launches Azure Storage Client Library GA For Xamarin

Microsoft announced the general availability release of the Azure Storage client library for Xamarin.

Microsoft announced the general availability release of the Azure Storage client library for Xamarin. Xamarin is the leading mobile app development platform which helps the developers to use a shared C# codebase so as to create iOS, Android, and Windows Store apps with native user interfaces.
Dinesh Murthy, Principal Program Manager of Azure Storage, in the official blog, states,
“We believe the Azure Storage library for Xamarin will be instrumental in helping provide delightful developer experiences and enabling an end-to-end mobile-first, cloud-first experience. We would like to thank everyone who has leveraged previews of Azure Storage for Xamarin and provided valuable feedback.”
The sources for the Xamarin release are similar to the Azure Storage .NET client library and it can be found on Github. You can now easily download the installable package from Nugget (version 7.2 and beyond) or from the Azure SDF (version 2.9.5 and beyond). It can be easily installed via Web Platform installer. This "generally available" release supports all features, and it is included in the 2015-12-11 REST version.
You can now easily get started; all you need to do is to follow the simple steps as given in the official blog. They are:
  • Install Xamarin SDK and tools and any language specific emulators as necessary: For instance, you can install the Android KitKat emulator.
  • Create a new Xamarin project and install the Azure Storage nuget package version 7.2 or higher in your project and add Storage specific code.
  • Compile, build and run the solution. You can run against a phone emulator or an actual device. Likewise you can connect to the Azure Storage service or the Azure Storage emulator.
Dinesh Murthy concluded by stating,
“We are working on building code samples in our AzureStorage samples repository to help you better leverage the Azure Storage service and the Xamarin library capabilities. A Xamarin image uploader sample is already available for you to review/ download.”