Microsoft Launches New OneNote Update This November

 Microsoft will be launching new update for OneNote update this November for mobile as well as desktop devices. The new update brings online requests and also the ability to add file attachments and audio to OneNote.
Microsoft in the official blog states,
“It’s been a big month for OneNote with updates across our web app to mobile devices to desktop. We’re excited to announce that we added a lot of great capabilities including some of our top education and OneNote Online requests—the ability to add audio and file attachments to your notes!”
Microsoft in their blog also states,
“Listen up. Whether you’re preserving a lecture for posterity or practicing your accent, a recording is the natural way to capture it.”
Hence, with the addition of audio recording, the right tool will always be available to you, allowing you can use as per the requirement of the job available.
Recording on the web is simple and easy, all you need to do is click on the Insert option and then on Record Audio, and recording will start. When you are done with recording, all you need to do is press the Stop option. You can also listen to the file that you7 have recorded, for that all you need to do is select that particular file and click on the Play option, and your audio recording will start playing.
This is the first audio recording version for iOS devices. Microsoft will be adding more features in its next upcoming update.
Microsoft states,
“Audio recording on iOS is great for teachers and students alike. Students can easily practice pronunciations for a foreign language class or capture their latest guitar solo in music class. Teachers can give quick audio feedback to students—directly in their Class Notebook. We’re excited about our first version of audio recording for iOS, but have plenty of additional features we plan to add.”
The new update allows the users to add any file to the page by using file attachment. You simply need to click on Insert File Attachment and select the file that you want to attach. This is an added advantage for students as well as teachers, as all the materials will be in one place.
Microsoft states,
“OneNote’s canvas has always been a great tool to share thoughts or express an idea. Today we’re excited to announce a brand new capability to the OneNote 2016 desktop canvas, embedded Online Video! This has been a top request from our customers.”
The new update allows you to insert videos; all you need to do is click on the new Online Video button and directly insert your favorite YouTube, Vimeo and Office Mix content.
Microsoft introduces OneNote badge for Android. The new badge will be able to float anywhere on the screen. Now you can browse the web, and at the same time write down your thoughts. You can also copy/paste content from the web without having to move between apps.
In order to launch the badge all you need to do is pull down the notification tray and tap on the OneNote badge notification. And, when your work is done, you simply need to pull the badge to the bottom of the screen in order to dismiss it. One of the best features of this app is that it saves your Quick Note Section by default, allowing you to work in peace, without worrying about your data being deleted.
Microsoft has started rolling out OneNote badge in phases on Android, and it may take a few weeks for Android users to get their badge.
iPhone 6S/6S+ now supports OneNote Force Touch, allowing you to create new note or pop into Recent Notes. In addition to this OneNote is now optimized for iPad Pro.
Microsoft is working on adding more new features to OneNote. Stay tuned for more news on Microsoft OneNote.

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