Microsoft Launches Office 2016

Microsoft is to release Office 2016 for Windows today. Microsoft Office Team just announced it via a blog post. It comes with new updated security features, which will be a joy to big and small business.
Along with Office 2016 for Windows, Microsoft is also releasing Office 2016 for Mac with new and improved Office 365 services, along with one time pay option.
Here's the official video:
Highlighted features to make your work quicker 
According to Microsoft, Outlook 2016 comes with the smartest inbox till date. It helps in automatic removal of low priority mail. It also provides you with faster search and ensures that everyone on the TO: line has access to modern cloud –based attachments from OneDrive.
The Tell Me feature helps you to find the Office commands or features.
The Smart Lookup brings the insight from the web, into your documents.
The Excel 2016 now has modern chart-types, it also includes, integrated publishing to power BI.
Working together made easier by Office 2016
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Office had always been the most preferred apps by the people, whether they require it for making powerful analysis, school presentation or professional documents. Microsoft have kept in mind the power of working together, hence they have made working together easier, thanks to the New Office 2016.
Skype for business purpose is now available in the client app. This will allow you to IM, share your screen, have video conference, or make client calls, from your doc.
Real-time co- authoring is present since 2013, however Microsoft states:
“We are now taking it to the next level by building it directly into our native apps. With this release, we’re making co-authoring in Word real-time, which lets you see what others are writing immediately, as it happens. We’re committed to expanding real-time co-authoring to each of our native apps and you should expect to see more over time.”
Office 365 now comes with a planner. The planner comes with new features as given below:
  • Organizes the work
  • Creates new plans
  • Assign and organize tasks
  • Sets due date
  • Update status
The Planner’s visual dashboards and email notification will keep you informed of your progress.
Compatible with Mac
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Office 2016 for Mac launched in July. Microsoft states:
“The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote are a significant step forward and provide the best of both worlds for Mac users—a familiar Office experience paired with the best of the Mac platform. The level of engagement and excitement about this Office for Mac release has surpassed our expectations.”
Perfectly Compatible with Window 10
Microsoft states,”
While we have made a lot of progress on delivering Office cross-platform and remain committed to this strategy, we see Windows as being “home” for Office. Together, Office 365 and Windows 10 are the most complete solution for getting things done.”
Window Hello allows you to sign in your PC or Office 365, with a simple touch. You no longer require typing your password.
The Office Mobile App and Continuum, allows you to work while you are on the go. Your Windows Phone will act like a desktop, allowing you to project, create as well as edit your presentation. You can also take notes on your phone with the OneNote app.
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Office 2016 will allow Cortana, your personal assistant, to retrieve your documents, prepare your meeting and other such feature.
Here's how you will get the new Office 2016:
  • Buy Office 365 to get the new 2016 apps.
  • Existing Office 365 customer who want to upgrade, visit here for instructions on how to upgrade to Office 2016 for home, or visit here for business customers.
 For more information, visit 

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