Microsoft Launches Outlook Customer Manager

Microsoft has launched a new tool for business owners using Office 365 and Outlook, and it is known as Outlook Customer Manager, a lightweight CRM for companies that need to track their customer interactions and history.
The company in its official blog states,
“As a business owner, you know that getting repeat business starts with knowing your customers well, remembering the conversations you’ve had, and following through on their requests. That can be a challenge when you have many customers to keep track of and not enough time in the day. To make it easier for you to track and grow your customer relationships, we are introducing a new Office 365 service called Outlook Customer Manager.”
Outlook Customer Manager provides you with a complete view of your interactions with each customer, helping you to track tasks as well as deals in progress and timely reminders.
Once it has been enabled, Outlook Customer Manager will automatically organize customer information, includes email, calls, meetings, files, tasks, notes, deals as well as deadlines. The information which would be collected from the email, calendar and call log data, would be presented in a timeline format next to the inbox.
In order to make use of the system, businesses will be able to associate certain tasks with contact, company or deal, which would allow them to interact with their customers in a better manner. It will go on to present lists of deals by stage, close date, amount and priority. Additionally, the technology will be able to prioritize which customers and deals are of the utmost importance, and then it will present it in a “Focused” list in order to help with time management.
It helps in making it simpler and faster so as to keep up with the customers through the familiar Outlook interface. Along with this, it will be able to help the team to handle customer calls as well as inquiries. Every available note from calls, meeting dates and deal details will be accessible to anyone who is part of the company and has access to the new Customer Manager software.
These features are now available on desktop as well as mobile, starting with iOS. It is now available from the home tab in the Outlook inbox, and the tracked data remains in Office 365.
Outlook Customer Manager is being added today and it is completely free for all those who has the Office 365 Business Premium Plan, starting with those in the First Release program before the global release.

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