Microsoft Launches The ASP.NET Async OutputCache Module For .NET Framework 4.6.2

Microsoft has introduced an all-new OutputCache Async provider abstract class known as OutputCacheProviderAsync.

Microsoft has introduced an all new OutputCache Async provider abstract class known as OutputCacheProviderAsync, which defines the interfaces for an Async OutputCache provider. This abstract class will enable asynchronous access in order to support the particular interfaces released as NuGet packages. If your are using .NET Framework 4.6.2 web applications, you will be able to use it after installation.
Advantages of Async OutputCache Module
Microsoft informs us that the AsyncOutputCache Module is all about scalability, and it is the cloud which goes on to make it really easy so as to scale-out computing resources to serve the large spikes in service requests to an application.
The company states,
“When you consider the scalability of an OutputCache, you can not use an in-memory provider because the in-memory provider does not allow you to share data across multiple web servers.”
You will need to store the OutputCache data in another storage medium, like Microsoft Azure SQL Database, NoSQL or Redis Cache. Right now, the Output Chache interaction with these particular storage mediums is restricted so as to run synchronously; however with this particular update, the all new async OutputCache module would allow you to read as well as write the data from these storage providers asynchronously.
The Async I/O operations help in releasing a thread which is quicker than synchronous I/O operations, which goes on to allow ASP.NET to handle other requests.
For more information, you can check the official site.