Microsoft Now Testing Skype Beta for Windows Phone

As you know Skype is a part of Microsoft. Skype is a software application which is used for file transferring and videoconferencing over the internet. When released Windows Phone, then Skype will be able to take full advantage of the front cameras on the latest devices like as video calling etc.


Currently the planning of Microsoft is apply testing on Skype Beta for Windows Phone. Currentky Skype is one of the biggest applications that exist on other mobile's operating system. The President of the Skype Division at Microsoft 'Tony Bates' said, Skype will exist as a separate downloadable applications from the marketplace for now, and full integration into the Windows Phone operating system. Windows Phone Skype client is that it is coming soon, and it will be deeply integrated into the mobile operating system. Microsoft Director of Windows Phone program 'Joe Belfiore' promised that Windows Phone Skype would arrive in late 2011,but 2011pass out without comment or clarification from the company.