Microsoft Open Sources Computational Network Toolkit CNTK

Microsoft's Computational Network Toolkit CNTK is now open source. Now, Microsoft is providing the tools used by their own researchers to a wider group of developers across the globe. They're surely taking a step further for fastening artificial intelligence advancements.
The toolkit, available now on GitHub, is a great news for the developer community. Last year November, Microsoft researchers open sourced Machine Learning Toolkit DMTK to the developer community.
CNTK is developed by researchers because it was necessary.  The researchers succeeded in creating a faster solution. As stated by Xuedong Huang, Microsoft’s chief speech scientist,
“The CNTK toolkit is just insanely more efficient than anything we have ever seen".
He also said CNTK has proved more efficient than four other popular computational toolkits: Theano, TensorFlow, Torch 7, and Caffe. Developers use them to create deep learning models for speech and image recognition. CNTK proved great because it has better communication capabilities.
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Chris Basoglu, principal development manager at Microsoft also worked on the CNTK toolki and said,
"One of the advantages of CNTK is that it can be used by anyone from a researcher on a limited budget, with a single computer, to someone who has the ability to create their own large cluster of GPU-based computers. The researchers say it can scale across more GPU-based machines than other publicly available toolkits, providing a key advantage for users who want to do large-scale experiments or calculations".