Microsoft Open Sources Xamarin API Documentation

Xamarin API Documentation is open source and available now on Github.

Recently, Microsoft announced the open sourcing of release of all Xamarin API Documentation.
The company has made separate Github repos for Xamarin.Forms API Docs, Xamarin.Android API Docs, Xamarin’s API Docs for iOS and Mac, and SkiaSharp API Docs.
Also, the company is moving the hosting of Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS & Xamarin.Mac and SkiaSharp from their old Xamarin home to the new documentation site
Source: Microsoft 
The company said that the site gives you the same presentation, browsing, localization, and versioning experience used across Microsoft’s .NET platform. It will enable you to filter by platform and version, all while getting rapid and accurate search results for namespaces, class names, and member signatures.
The API documentation has been released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License and any related source code under the MIT License. Xamarin API documentation is built with the mono project’s open-source mdoc toolchain which enables you to neatly separate engineering and documentation concerns.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.