Microsoft Opening Windows Holographic to Partners

VR, AR, and mixed reality is a group of next-generation technologies that most of game and devices leaders are eyeing to become the next big thing. Microsoft has taken mixed reality to a different level with its latest gadget, HoloLens.

Microsoft is opening its Windows Holographic platform to partners who may be interested in building their own version of HoloLens based on Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform. Terry Myerson, EVP, Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft announced the news today at Computex.

From the announcement:

Today, we announced that Windows Holographic is coming to devices of all shapes and sizes from fully immersive virtual reality to fully untethered holographic computing. Today we invited our OEM, ODM, and hardware partners to build PCs, displays, accessories and mixed reality devices with the Windows Holographic platform.

Imagine a world where creators and gamers using HoloLens, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other VR, AR, and mixed reality gadgets can talk to one another, work together and build cool stuff.

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