Microsoft Outlook finally hit Windows RT Tablets

Today, Microsoft said in a blog post that they plan to include the widely used e-mail program in the tablet-specific version of Windows when it updates the operating system. Tami Reller, chief marketing officer is expected to soon demonstrate the new features of Windows 8.1 in a presentation at the Computex show in Taiwan.

Outlook 2013 RT will be available as a free update for tablets running Windows RT, the scaled-down version of Windows 8, and will be included in windows RT devices going forward. Users in the latter camp will undoubtedly welcome the addition of Outlook, especially those who can't work within the Webmail environment that they were originally forced to use.

This version of Outlook 2013 is created for the full-featured version of Windows. Developers can use tools such as Visual Basic for Applications to write and run macros and other custom programs. But Visual Basic for Applications is not available for Outlook 2013 RT. The RT version of Outlook also does not include data loss prevention capabilities, nor does it support so-called Group Policy Objects, which corporate IT administrators use to centrally manage deployments of Office software.

Its is also rumored that once Outlook RT is finally rolled out to the public, the chances of Microsoft Office becoming available to the iPad device will drastically improve because many have believed that it would be a tremendous move for Microsoft to release Outlook for iPad device before it released it for its own device.