Microsoft Outlook Mobile App Gets A Crisp And Polish Version

 Last January, Microsoft launched its first version of Outlook, for iOS and Android. Instead of building the application from the scratch, the company acquired a startup known as Acompli. This company was given the brand approval by Microsoft, by rebranding its application as Outlook.
According to fastcompany, Nine months later, Microsoft shares the stats the progress of Outlook mobile app. According to the stats, there are 30 million users, who uses this app for a 1.2 billion session per month.
Fastcompany has also reported that,
“The company has continued with the strategy it started with the Acompli acquisition by buying the Sunrise smart calendar app and Wunderlist task manager. Things are going well enough that Javier Soltero, cofounder and CEO of Acompli, is now VP of Outlook, responsible for the product's incarnations on PCs and the web as well as mobile devices.”
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Microsoft will soon be releasing new update for iOS and Android app; it is the first time that Sunrise team is helping in any company in creating an app. Even though we hear Soltero saying that the new update would bring numerous changes, however, this upgrade conventionally doesn’t seem like a major one. 
When we talk about the new update, we see that the company has not come with any major changes; instead it has just polished the earlier applications. The new look is nothing different, but you will be able to see notice multiple minor changes. The application is now, more polished, crisp and easy to navigate.
When you open your inbox, you will notice that you are now able to send messages with a calendar invite, and this calendar is orange in color, so that it can easily be spotted. When you swipe the calendar from one day to another, the little gizmo that you tap on will rotate and show you how far you have moved ahead into the future or to the past. The icon which you tap on in order to see the current date is an Apple-esque calendar.
As reported by Fastcompany, Soltero in a statement said,
“My nonartistic way of describing it is, we injected a bunch of air into the app to make it feel more fluid. Consumers expect that.” He explains that the aim was to match the slickness of the best consumer apps from companies such as Facebook and Google: "These are companies that devote extraordinary manpower to sanding down every edge, paying attention to details that are often missed by a lot of people."
The Sunrise team has contributed to the new update on Outlook calendar, however they were not able to make much of a difference, certain functionality, such as weather information is not present and it is one of the most useful feature of Sunrise.
Fastcompany reported that, Soltero in a statement said,
"All the richness of calendaring and all the things that make it more than just a collection of meetings." At that point, "The Sunrise app will be sunsetted." “He figures the process may take another six months or so. “

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