Microsoft Partners With Docker To Bring More Security And Portability to Windows Server.

Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server 2016 today, at its most prestigious Ignite Conference in Atlanta. The new Windows Server 2016, available from October, will be equipped with the superb features of Docker containers that bring more security, agility, and portability to the platform.
 Image Source: Docker Blog
As stated on the Docker blog
“Docker running containers on Windows is the result of a two-year collaboration between Microsoft that involved the Windows kernel growing containerization primitives, Docker and Microsoft collaborating on porting the Docker Engine and CLI to Windows to take advantage of those new primitives and Docker adding multi-arch image support to Docker Hub.”
Here are some of the top features of this collaboration:
  • The Commercially Supported Docker Engine aka “CS Docker Engine”, Docker, Inc.’s tested, validated, and supported package of Docker Engine, will be available to Windows Server 2016 customers at no additional cost.

  • Microsoft will provide Windows Server 2016 customers enterprise support for CS Docker Engine, backed by Docker, Inc.

  • Docker and Microsoft will jointly promote Docker Datacenter to enable IT Pros to secure the Windows Server software supply chain and manage containerized Windows Server workloads, whether on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid.

  • These fruits of this partnership for the first time offer enterprise IT professionals a single platform for both Windows and Linux applications on any infrastructure, whether bare metal, virtualized, or cloud.
Also, the most prominent development tool, Visual Studio has been equipped with the Tools for Docker, in order to provide a complete development environment where developers can build Dockerized Windows Apps. This obviously is a step forward of Microsoft, towards the excellence in providing the users with a perfect work environment with enhanced security and state-of-art portability.

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