Microsoft Photos Now Comes With An All New Feature

Microsoft has updated Microsoft Photos, which is the next step in the creator’s journey.
It is now more fun to view all your digital memories which are stored in the form of videos and photos, along with a refreshed user experience which will make it quite ‘pleasant to browse your collection.’ The company has updated the way you edit and filter photos so as to simplify the most common actions. In this new update, Microsoft has added the ability to draw on your photos as well as videos and also play back the ink with animation.
Microsoft, in its official blog, states,
“Creation is a theme that extends across our suite of experiences, including the Photos app that comes with Windows 10.”
New updated features in the Photos app
Among all the features which have been updated, the first thing you will notice is that things are a lot easier now. Microsoft has paid close attention to all the feedback, and listened to the thought that it can be quite intimidating for some people to use the dark theme; hence the company came up with a new light theme for browsing your pics. However, if you really prefer the dark theme, you can always go be to the "Settings" and change it. The single photo view still uses a black ‘lightbox’ feel so as to allow your media to show most effectively when it is the center of attraction.
Along with this, the Photos now come with a horizontal navigation bar, which makes it easier to view your memories in whatever way you want – viewing your entire collection chronologically or by Album or by Folders. Subtle animations have also been added through the experience so as to make your memories come alive.
Draw on your memories
All of us capture moments using photos or videos, and now, to this you can add your own personalized message. You can also use your stylus (or your finger or your mouse) to draw directly on your memories.
You can select from the three pen types available, so as to pick a color and draw with it using the eraser so as to fine-tune your work. Once the ink dries, you can easily share a still of your new image. However, it would be quite exciting to share an animation of your drawing with friends and family as a video - over Facebook or email.
You will also be able to draw on videos and the ink will play back at the right places when viewed.
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Editing simplified
The photo editor now comes with an all new and easy-to-use interface. The command has been rearranged so as to emphasize the most common user needs, such as easy cropping and adjusting. A complete new set of filters has also been added.
Photos now available on Xbox
As a Universal Windows application, Microsoft Photos can be seen throughout the Windows ecosystem. The company is also releasing Photos for the Xbox, which allows you to browse media which you have stored on OneDrive for access on all your devices. You can now use your controller so as to navigate your memories.