Microsoft Plans To Open Source Cloud Hardware

Hardware open sourcing may not be as common and popular a concept as open source software, but it is becoming popular now. Since Facebook announced the Open Compute Project foundation, more companies have joined it, including Microsoft. If you’re not familiar with OCP, read What is Open Source Hardware?


Today, Microsoft’s Kushagra Vaid announced via a blog post that Microsoft plans to open source its next generation hyperscale cloud platform hardware design. This new generation cloud project is called Project Olympus.

“Microsoft is opening the door to a new era of open source hardware development. Project Olympus, the re-imagined collaboration model and the way they’re bringing it to market, is unprecedented in the history of OCP and open source datacenter hardware,” said Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer, Open Compute Project Foundation.

Kushagra writes:

“..we are introducing Project Olympus – our next generation hyperscale cloud hardware design and a new model for open source hardware development with the OCP community.”

“Project Olympus applies a model of open source collaboration that has been embraced for software but has historically been at odds with the physical demands of developing hardware. We’re taking a very different approach by contributing our next generation cloud hardware designs when they are approx. 50% complete – much earlier in the cycle than any previous OCP project. By sharing designs that are actively in development, Project Olympus will allow the community to contribute to the ecosystem by downloading, modifying, and forking the hardware design just like open source software.”