Microsoft Announces Mobile Blazor Bindings

New Experimental Mobile Blazor bindings enable native mobile app development with Blazor.

Recently, Microsoft announced a new experimental project to enable native mobile app development with Blazor: Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings.
Well, these bindings allows programmers to build native mobile apps using C# and .NET for iOS and Android using familiar web programming patterns. You can now make use of the Blazor programming model and Razor syntax in order to define UI components and behaviors of an application.
According to Microsoft, the UI components that are included are based on Xamarin.Forms native UI controls. With the Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings developers can leverage their existing web skills and knowledge to build native iOS and Android apps powered by .NET.
Experimental Mobile Blazor Bindings 
Source: Microsoft
To get started with Mobile Blazor Bindings you need .NET Core 3.0 or 3.1 SDK, VS or VS for Mac, and the ASP.NET and web development and Mobile development with .NET (Xamarin.Forms) workloads installed.
The company said that the goal of these bindings is to find-out if programmers would like to have the option of writing markup and doing data binding for native mobile applications using the Blazor-style programming model with Razor syntax and tools.
To learn more you can visit the official announcement here.