Microsoft Pulled the Matebook X Pro From Its Store

After the US government's blacklisting Huawei, Microsoft has also taken its first step towards a suspension of its collaboration with the Chinese firm.

Google recently announced that it would continue to work with Huawei but the temporary reprieve is in place.
After Google's banning Huawei from using the licensed version of Android, and many other US companies deciding to end their partnerships with the Chinese tech giant, we were expecting Microsoft to do pretty much the same thing sooner or later.
And now it seems, Microsoft has also made the first step towards a suspension of its collaboration with Huawei by pulling devices manufactured by the Chinese company from its official stores.
The Huawei MateBook X Pro, one of the most popular Windows laptops available in the US, has quietly disappeared from the Microsoft Store. A report from Verge indicates that the device is still available in physical stores, but this might change sooner or later as Microsoft decides to stop working with Huawei.
Till now Microsoft has remained completely tight-lipped on everything related to Huawei. If Microsoft bans Huawei from using Windows on its devices, the Huawei might have to turn to an alternative, which can be either Linux or an in-house operating system.
The Chinese tech giant already announced that it was developing its own replacements for Android and Windows, but specifics on these remain sketchy at this point.
Huawei has been granted a 90-day extension to provide software updates to Android-powered handsets and maintain, continued operation of existing networks and equipment. But this is a narrow extension and doesn’t seem to apply to Windows licenses for laptops.