Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Now Supports Linux And macOS

Microsoft has today announced that the Quantum Development Kit will now support Linux and macOS too.

In the first major update to Quantum Development Kit, Microsoft has today announced that the kit will now support Linux and macOS operating systems too. Launched in December 2017 alongside Q# language, Quantum Development Kit became an overnight sensation with a wonderful response from the users from all walks of IT industry - students, professors, researchers, algorithm designers, and people new to quantum development.

In the official announcement, Jeff Henshaw, Group Program Manager, Quantum Software states,

“Thanks to the feedback we received from our new quantum community, today we’re delivering the first major update to the Quantum Development Kit. Top enhancements available globally today, include:

  • Support for Mac- and Linux-based development. This has been our #1 requested feature from developers, and we’re thrilled to deliver support for building Q# quantum applications on macOS and Linux, including integration with VS Code and quantum simulation support.
  • Full open source license for our quantum development libraries and samples. In December, we shared the source code for our libraries to help developers understand how Q# constructs work. Many developers wanted to do more than just learn with that code; they wanted to re-use it in their own applications and contribute their own enhancements back to the Q# community. We think that’s a great idea, so we’ve open-sourced the libraries here.

  • Interoperability with the Python programming language. Many developers have existing libraries of code in Python so we wanted to give them easy access to that functionality from Q# without having to port anything. Available as a preview on Windows today, Python interoperability allows Q# code to call Python routines directly, and vice-versa.

  • Faster simulator performance. We’ve increased our quantum simulator performance by up to 4-5x, giving you a much faster testing and optimization loop, especially on simulations involving 20 or more qubits.”

All the updated features are available globally for all the novice as well as expert users. The  updated Quantum Development kit can be downloaded from here. The company has shared this video also to give a complete overview of the new changes.

Source: Microsoft

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