Microsoft Releases A New Preview For Native Notebooks

The same extensions that you rely on when editing source code in the VS Code Editor are now available in notebooks

Recently, the Python Extension for VS Code Insiders announced a new preview for Native Notebooks, which is VS Code’s newest implementation of notebooks.
The team said that the Python Extension is leveraging the Native Notebooks API to revamp the data science experience. With this preview release, the same extensions that users rely on when editing source code in the VS Code Editor are now available in notebooks.
Source: Microsoft
Apart from an improved integration between extensions in notebooks, the load time for notebooks has improved drastically.
Also, the new interface has a new look and feel along with additional UI changes and cell manipulation capabilities that match VS Code’s design language.
The team said that they are currently exclusively rolling out this new experience in VS Code Insiders build. You can also download and install the latest version of the Python Extension from the marketplace.
Other new features include new File management functionalities like Save as, Rename, Open from file, etc; shortcuts like Undo/Redo; and quick cell manipulation options.
"We will be working diligently to roll over the current fan favorite features such as data viewer and variable explorer as well as newly released functionality such as run-by-line and Gather to ensure feature parity with the existing Python notebooks experience" wrote Claudia Regio, Program Manager, Python Data Science & AI Tools for VS Code.
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