Microsoft Releases Azure Bastion Preview

Microsoft has released the preview of Azure Bastion - a new managed PaaS service, providing seamless RDP and SSH connectivity to your VMs.

Recently, Microsoft announced the preview of Azure Bastion, a new managed PaaS service that provides seamless RDP and SSH connectivity to your virtual machines over the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
According to the company, Azure Bastion enables you to have RDP and SSH connectivity over SSL, without any exposure of the public IPs on your virtual machines.
This new managed PaaS service provisions directly in your Azure Virtual Network and provides bastion host or jump server as-a-service and integrated connectivity to all virtual machines in your virtual networking using RDP/SSH directly from and through your browser and the Azure portal experience. You can execute all this with just two clicks, without worrying about the management of network security policies.
Source: Microsoft 
The Azure Bastion preview features RDP and SSH from the Azure portal, Remote session over SSL and firewall traversal for RDP/SSH, No public IP required on Azure Virtual Machines, Simplified secure rules management, Increased protection against port scanning, and Hardening in one place to protect against zero-day exploits
According to the company, future plans for the Azure Bastion include Azure Active Directory integration, adding seamless single-sign-on capabilities using Azure Active Directory identities and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication. Also, the company will be extending two-factor authentication to your RDP/SSH connections.