Microsoft Releases Post-RTM Windows 8 Update

MSDN members and enterprise can now access a post-RTM Windows 8 update with improvements to performance and battery life.

In another Building Windows 8 blog, Steven Sinofsky notes that a post-RTM update has been released for Windows 8 ahead of general availability. The upgrade will included increased power efficiency to extend battery life, performance improvements in Windows 8 applications and the Start screen, improved audio and video playback, and improved application and driver compatibility with various PC models. 

Notably, the post-RTM upgrade is a departure from previous Windows releases, in which the OS would often work on a timeline that required modifications to improve performance for each OEM after hitting the general public. This time around, the Windows 8 team worked to address these concerns ahead of the release, developing better test automation and test coverage tools to release this update ahead of a customary service pack. 

MSDN developers and enterprise customers can install the update on Windows 8 PCs as of today. 

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