Microsoft Releases Prism To Open Source Community

In Nov 2014, Microsoft surprised the developer world by open sourcing its popular .NET Framework, CLR and other related products and tools. Thereafter, Microsoft slowly has been releasing its .NET related libraries and products to the open source world.

The Prism Library provides WPF developers to build Windows desktop applications using best practices.

Microsoft just handed over the ownership of the Prism library to the community leadership. The leadership team includes Brian Lagunas, Ariel Ben Horesh, and Brian Noyes. That means, Microsoft will not be owning anything related to Prism. The Prism library will become a part of .NET Foundation.

Announced via a blog by the .NET Team:

There is a strong continuity for the project since the new owners have been significant contributors since the beginning. As part of this hand-off, the projects will be consolidated in the PrismLibrary org on GitHub. Likewise, discussions are underway about bringing Prism into the .NET Foundation. This change of ownership means that future releases of Prism will be developed by the new team, not by Microsoft.

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WPF is used to build Windows desktop applications.

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Microsoft Prism for WPF library helps you easily design and build rich, flexible, scalable, and maintainable WPF applications. The following documentation and samples guide you how to build your Prism based WPF applications.

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