Microsoft Releases SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate

Microsoft announces the availability of SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC).

Microsoft has announced the availability of SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC).
Microsoft states:
“We’re pleased to announce the availability of SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate (RC). SharePoint Server 2016 RC is mostly feature complete and represents an important milestone for customers and partners looking to deploy and evaluate SharePoint Server 2016 before general availability in Spring 2016.”
According to the company,
“SharePoint Server 2016 is our most reliable, scalable, secure and high-performant server release ever. It comes with built-in Hybrid Cloud capacities, which is the premier choice for organizations who are looking to take advantage of the latest innovations in Microsoft Cloud offerings while also maintaining critical content or custom applications on-premises. SharePoint Server 2016 will help organizations unlock breakthrough performance and resiliency as well as quickly build solutions and extend data across on-premises and Office 365 with the confidence that their data will be safe and secure.”
The SharePoint Server 2016 enhances IT and provides unprecedented deployment flexibility, whether you are looking in deploy on-premises, in cloud, or a hybrid scenario. SharePoint Server 2016 helps in enhancing data securities and compliance, by offering simplified configuration and administration for regulatory policies.
The company states,
“SharePoint Server 2016 puts IT professionals in a better position to control access to company- and customer-sensitive data by making authorization and audit management more central, flexible and seamless.”
Microsoft in its official blog states:
“Optimize developer productivity with a unified development experience across server and cloud with modern APIs. SharePoint Server 2016 enables a broad ecosystem through a standardized set of APIs and experiences that span on-premises and the cloud.”
This will enable the developers to create contextual solutions that span SharePoint Server 2016 and Office 365 from web, mobile apps, and Office. Now you have simpler and more robust APIs and tools improvements in order to build easier solutions than ever before. Your solutions now have the potential to reach numerous users across business, government organization, and schools, "[people] who spend hours every day using Office or Office 365."
SharePoint Server 2016 provides its users with improved mobile access to content, people, and applicatios,n and at the same time it provides its users with touch-base experience across devices and screen sizes. It also provides its users with simple and easy-to-use file storage and document collaboration. The seamless Hybrid integration to Office 365, SharePoint users can easily take advantage of the new and improved productivity experiences like, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Delve.
Microsoft states:
“In today’s rapidly changing business and technology environment, responding quickly to changing business needs or to user demands can be challenging. Whether you choose to deploy SharePoint Online with Office 365 or SharePoint Server on-premises, you need software that helps you more easily take advantage of new technology or services quickly. We’ve designed SharePoint Server 2016 to position our on-premises customers to take advantage of innovations more quickly whether SharePoint is deployed on-premises, in the cloud or somewhere in between.”
Along with the updates, SharePoint Server 2016 RC also includes the Project Server 2016 RC. You can now easily download SharePoint Server 2016 RC by going to Microsoft Download Center.