Microsoft Releases TypeScript 1.0RC

Microsoft is happy to mark another significant milestone for the TypeScript project with the release of the 1.0 Release Candidate.  Since the first release in October of 2012, the TypeScript language has grown to support generics, which enables rich typing of JavaScript libraries.  Last December, the release focused on better performance and reliability for larger codebases.  Today, we're making the 1.0RC release available, which represents the culmination of this work as a feature-complete TypeScript 1.0 language with a spec-conformant compiler and a production-level language service capable of working with codebases with hundreds of thousands of lines of code.

For developers using Visual Studio 2013, the Spring Update CTP2 includes TypeScript support, making TypeScript a first-class Visual Studio language.  The TypeScript 1.0RC release is also immediately available for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 development as a standalone power tool and as a cross-platform tool via the npm package.  As always, you can access the source via CodePlex(please note: The 1.0RC release is also called '0.9.7' in the installer and compiler)

Among the usual set of bugfixes, TypeScript 1.0RC focuses on a few key areas based on user feedback on 0.9.5: a simpler type system, an improved lib.d.ts, and a more natural declaration merge order.

For the complete news, click on this link.

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