Microsoft Releases Workplace Analytics

Microsoft has released a new organizational analytics solution – Workplace Analytics,

Microsoft has released a new organizational analytics solution – Workplace Analytics – an add-on to Office 365 enterprise.
Microsoft’s Ryan Fuller, in the official release, stated,
“Workplace Analytics provides unprecedented behavioral insights that can be used to improve productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement. Workplace Analytics taps into Office 365 email and calendar metadata, including to/from data, subject lines and timestamps, to shine a light on how the organization collaborates and spends time.”
Workplace Analytics brings out behavioral metrics from the business data, which can help businesses look deep into the organization’s activities and solve tough challenges. It has been built with high level of privacy and compliance compatibilities. The company claims that the Workplace Analytics is very flexibly designed so that it can address a broad range of organizational initiatives.
There are several ways corporate customers can leverage Workplace Analytics in.
  • Workplace Analytics can help increase the sales productivity of a business by analyzing the collaborative patterns of high performers in sales team. Also, it helps judging the capability of a team member.
  • This tool can measure the behavior of each manager in terms of engagement, retention, effectiveness, time spent, and level of leadership exposure, which eventually leads to calculate the effectiveness of a manager.
  • Some organizations are using the insights collected from Workplace Analytics to plan the space needed in running the organizational activities successfully.

    The company tells,
“They (some organization) analyzed the metadata attached to employee calendar items to calculate the travel time associated with meetings. They found that as a result of the relocation, each employee reduced their travel time to meetings by 46 percent—resulting in a combined total of 100 hours saved per week across all 1,200 employees involved in the move.”
  • If you are using Workplace analytics, you can raise customized queries from the reports within a unique set of collaboration metrics to explore the trends in your business, such as – time spent in travel, meeting, or emailing. “Analysts can also create custom queries and filter to aggregated population subsets including regions, roles and functions.”
In short, this wonderful tool developed by Microsoft can help you build a digital, data-driven enterprise with real-time insights of your business and by pointing out even the minor irregularities fixing which can lead greater improvements in performance of a business.
If you are interested to apply Workplace Analytics within your business, you must have the enterprise plan of Office 365. You can learn more about this Office365 add-on here.