Microsoft Removes ‘Hey Cortana’ Feature From Android

Microsoft has earlier this month launched Cortana for Android and iOS in China and U.S. Not even two weeks have gone, and the company has disabled ‘Cortana’-the digital personal assistance from Android. 
‘Hey, Cortana’ allows the users to open Cortana and command her, just by saying these words, however, this feature is quite similar to ‘OK, Google’ which gives rise to the problem.
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As per the app changelog on Google Play, the latest version of ‘Cortana’ includes “improved app stability” and “enhanced call and text features.” However the bullet point states, “Removed ‘Hey Cortana’ feature for US market.” The reason behind removal of ‘Hey, Cortana’ is because the company received numerous feedback which stated that this feature is conflicting with the Android voice search. Hence, it seems that ‘Hey, Cortana’ will be disabled from Android till Microsoft comes up with a solution to sort this conflict between ‘Hey,Cortana’ and ‘OK, Google’.
Some users want to use both ‘Hey, Cortana’ and ‘OK, Google’; however the microphone of the device is having difficulty in keeping it up.
This issues which has risen, seems a bit odd as it didn’t gain any flagged during the launch of Cortana for Android public beta program, in August.