Microsoft removes start button from Windows 8

As you know Windows 8 is the new version of Windows OS. The founder of Windows 8 is Microsoft. Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in Oct 2012. Currently Microsoft done the some changes in Windows 8 operating system. i.e. Microsoft removes the start button from Windows 8. Microsoft replace the start button by a hot corner, sources told The Verge. Your mouse or your finger swiping over that spot will bounce you back and forth between the Metro user interface and the desktop in an attempt to offer a more consistent experience among the many environments.


The Start button has been present in all the Windows OS for the last 15 years. It was first introduced in Windows 95. The preview of Windows 8 Developer, the Start button was present in the taskbar and that it taken by the Metro Menu up when you pressed. Microsoft decided to replace the Start button with a hot corner. There will be a thumbnail-like user interface offering users the possibility to access the Windows OS and Start button in Windows 8.



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