Microsoft Reveals the Release Date of Visual Studio 2013

In this Information Technology world, any big company provides software, development servers, different technology and every company wants that the development would be done as an easy and smart way. I use Visual Studio for development and as you know that Microsoft had released the Visual Studio 2013 RC (Release Candidate) on 9th September 2013 before the final release.

Microsoft also revealed certain essential disclosure with reference to the Visual Studio 2013. The main announcement is that the final release date of Visual Studio 2013 is 13th November 2013. The RC version is available now for download. It is also vital information that the developers developing the Windows Store apps for the Windows 8.1, the RC only support this on machines running Windows 8.1 RTM but it'll available on the public release on 18th October.

The RC version provides developers new features like the IntelliSense for XAML Editor, GoTo Definition in XAML Editor, Browser Link Dashboard, Enhancements in CodeLens. More Features..

You can also be a part of the Visual Studio 2013 Virtual Launch by here. Anyone can join this and participate from virtually any location. You just have to log on the portal to participate.


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