Microsoft Rolls Out Microsoft.Data.SqlClient v2.0.O

Microsoft.Data.SqlClient is the library that replaces the well-known System.Data.SqlClient. It adds support to .Net Core, to be Open Source, and to serve as the starting point for Azure SQL and SQL Server data access drivers.

Microsoft released the version 2.0.0 of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient. The new version introduces quite a few interesting features such as internal driver support and support forActive Directory Integrated.
One year ago the company had released Microsoft.Data.SqlClient library to replace the well-know System.Data.SqlClient.
Developers can update to version 2.0. through NuGet or the .NET Core CLI, using command: dotnet add package Microsoft.Data.SqlClient
The new version adds internal driver support to give resiliency to DNS failures and it also brings support forActive Directory Integrated, Active Directory Interactive and Active Directory Service Principal authentication mode for .NET Core and .NET Standard.
You will now also get support for Active Directory Service Principal authentication mode for .NET Framework and support for optional ORDER hints in SqlBulkCopy for improved performance
The ORDER hint it enables you to significantly improve performances in cases where the data you want to import is already ordered by the target’s table clustered index. Well, by informing the database engine that data is coming in already ordered, data can be loaded as is. It eliminates an additional sorting step, which usually is the most expensive on the whole operation.
Source: Microsoft
Microsoft said that, with version 2.0, having the client library to deal with resiliency for developers addresses the problem at the root and also eliminates the need to manually deal with this plumbing code.