Microsoft Started Selling Linux

Do you remember when Microsoft and Linux weren’t really friendly? Let’s just say that, I’ve put that put that nicely. Well, things have changed drastically at Microsoft since Satya Nadella took over the reign of Microsoft on Feb 04, 2014. Not only Satya had focused on Microsoft’s mobile-first cloud-first strategy but also focused on Microsoft’s core values and employee culture. Since then Microsoft had opened its arms to the world. It had started talking about openness and open source. As a result, today, Microsoft has open sourced its several technologies and products including its most popular software development platform .NET and its tools and compilers. Microsoft has also partnered with many other vendors to get them on its Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft just announced a partnership with Red Hat Certified Cloud & Service Provider program, and availability of the Red Hat solutions on Linux that will allow Redhat users to take advantage of the power, reliability, and availability of Azure and open platform to quickly deploy their solutions in the cloud.

Image source: Google

Users can also buy or subscribe to pay-per-use Redhat virtual machines and build a hybrid deployment model that lets you choose where to run your applications: on premises or in the cloud.

Image source: Microsoft

Azure allows users to use Red Hat Cloud Access to move existing subscriptions from the products including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Web Server, Red Hat Gluster Storage, and Red Hat OpenShift.