Microsoft starts work on C# 7.0

Preliminary details of themes and features to be explored in C# 7.0 are now available.

Even though C# 6.0 is not yet out of the door, the C# team have now started work on C# 7.0 and have had two design meetings already this month.
dotnet/roslyn matters have recently been transferred from CodePlex to GitHub and here are links to the meeting notes.
It will be seen that there are a large number of themes and features to be explored - enough for several future versions, never mind one!
However, C# needs to keep up with newer languages such as Scala, Rust and Swift (not to mention Microsoft's own F#) which already have some of this stuff built in so I suspect that the pace of adding new features will increase in future now the compiler has been rewritten in C# itself.
Let's hope they don't make the language too big and complicated as a result. Some of the discussions are already sounding a bit like quantum physics to me :)
One good thing is that the language will continue to be developed as a 'benign dictatorship' by the C# team - with Anders Hejlsberg having the ultimate say. However, there will be much more community input in future as can be seen from the large number of comments these notes - and the 'proposals' for individual features which have been spun off from them -  have already generated.