Microsoft Surface Pro with Less Usable Storage

Microsoft has confirmed that a 64GB Microsoft Surface Pro tablet has only 23GB worth of usable storage and the 128GB model has 83GB of usable storage, The Verge reports. The two tablets will use the full version of Windows 8. All of these add up to 41GB worth of unusable room, nearly two thirds of the space on the 64GB model.

One can free up extra storage by creating a distinct backup bootable USB and deleting the recovery partition, Microsoft has said. 

The Surface is a unique case; one can say that it warrants a prominent disclaimer on the box, but don’t expect an iPod or an Android phone to announce it as prominently. Even for Surface, you can increase the space available to you out of the box. Not just by deleting the recovery partition, but also by removing built-in apps and Windows features.


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