Microsoft to change Edge browser logo as part of switch to Chromium

After years spent with their classic logo, the company has decided to shake things up along with their browsing technology.

Microsoft has announced that they plan to change their Edge browser logo from the classic Internet Explorer 'e' symbol, to an entirely new concept. Being more abstract in appearance, the new symbol will resemble that of Google Chrome or Firefox's.
 As technology evolves, Microsoft's classic logo has evolved alongside it (photo courtesy of Microst/ZDNet). 
According to sources, the new logo is meant to signify the shift in Microsoft's web browser from using in-house technology, to Google's open-source Chromium project. As such, the new swirling and colorful logo is remniscent of Google Chrome's. 
Once facing accusations of monopolization over web access, Microsoft's logo change signifies the company's acknowledgment of other players in the web industry. With the majority of people now using Chrome and the inherent advantages of this open-source technology, Microsoft has admitted that it plans to take advantage of these features as well.
Microsoft began tests of its Chromium-based browser earlier in the year, and the first beta version was released in August for both Windows and macOS. With a design that looks ready-made for a mobile platform, the new browser tech will likely make its way to Android and iOS systems in the near future. Microsoft has even hinted that the company still plans to create new phones down the road.