Microsoft To Democratize Mixed Reality Space, Partners with SteamVR

Microsoft plans to push mixed reality to the next level this holiday season.

Microsoft has changed the way we see virtual reality and augmented reality space by introducing its mixed reality device HoloLens. Microsoft has already partnered with several hardware manufacturers including Dell, Acer, Toshiba, and HP that have announced low-end mixed-reality headsets. While Microsoft HoloLens costs $3k+, some of these companies have already started selling their mixed-reality devices for as low as $399.

Microsoft is also working with game platform makers Unity and others to bring mixed reality support to their platforms.

Microsoft is expected to make a big push this coming holiday season by introducing Halo, Minecraft, and Steam VR available on its mixed reality platform. Microsoft just announced a partnership with SteamVR that will allow streaming content to be available on a Windows mixed reality headset.

Alex Kipman from the Microsoft mixed reality team announced via a blog:

“We are on a mission to help empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more, and one of the ways we are doing that is through the power of mixed reality. Since January 21, 2015, when we announced Microsoft HoloLens, we have seen developers, partners, and customers innovate in ways we have never seen before. As a creator, it is inspiring to see the world embrace mixed reality; to see organizations and developers stretch the boundaries of what we can do with technology. Together we have created the most vibrant mixed reality community out there and it has been phenomenal to share in this journey with our community”

“A little over ten months ago our mixed reality journey took a leap forward when we announced that the world’s largest PC makers were working with us to democratize virtual reality this holiday with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. ”

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