Microsoft To Unroll Modern Mouse and Modern Keyboard

Microsoft is unrolling its next generation Keyboard and Mouse for its legendary Windows 10 operating system. Named as Modern Mouse and Modern Keyboard, both the input devices match the design pattern of Surface systems.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard will be having Chiclet-style keys, a heavy aluminium frame, and the most interesting feature – a hidden fingerprint sensor which not actually is hidden but located between the Alt and Ctrl keys.


Users will be able to connect it either wirelessly via its in-built Bluetooth 4.0 support, or with automatic pairing OOBE when first connecting via cable. With gray and silver metallic finish and rechargeable batteries included, the Modern Keyboard looks like perfect to use with Surface devices.

Similarly, Microsoft’s Modern Mouse matches the Surface design pattern with a metallic scroll wheel, rounded aesthetic and nearly hidden buttons, and support for Bluetooth 4.0. The mouse requires AAA alkaline batteries which are included by Microsoft while purchasing. 


Importantly, the device is compatible with most of the operating systems and devices. The only thing required is the support for Bluetooth 4.0.
Let’s talk money and availability now. The price for Modern Keyboard is $130 while the mouse can be purchased in $50. Since Microsoft has unveiled these devices very quietly, no official announcement is done and the devices are only visible on Microsoft’ Products pages which say that the devices are “Coming Soon”.