Microsoft updates OneDrive and Office

Microsoft today announced new updates to OneDrive and Office. Now it will be easy for users to collaborate.
Here are some updates:
Sync shared folders to your desktop
Previously, users access the content shared with them via the Shared list in Add to my OneDrive is the new feature introduced that lets users add shared folders to their main OneDrive folder. This will allow users to sync down to the OneDrive app on their Mac or PC. Moreover, this will allow them to view and edit the folder in the OneDrive mobile app. As stated:
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“Add to my OneDrive” lets you sync shared folders on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Mac; if you’re running Windows 8.1, upgrade to Windows 10 for free.” 
Know when someone edits shared content

On mobile devices the OneDrive app will show real-time notifications of the editing of a document. It will also show who edited it. These notifications can also be visible on your Apple Watch. Also, a daily summary of edits to files you’ve shared will be emailed.
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As concluded by Jason Moore, Group Program Manager, OneDrive via a blog post:
“Office is the world’s most popular authoring experience, and with these new capabilities we hope that OneDrive and Office will continue to be the best way to get work done with others. We hope you’re as excited about these updates as we are, and as always”

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