Microsoft Updates With Improved Sweep And Search

Microsoft has announced some new changes for to its email service, including the popular web based tools Sweep and improved Search. According to Microsoft, these updates will begin rolling out over the next few weeks.
The blog offers certain tips to users to help them with deleting unwanted emails and organizing the rest. Here’s a quick look at the tips that have been advised by the company.
Easier Sweep
It's one of the best popular features and is used to clear unwanted emails in fewer clicks, leaving you more time to get on with more important things. Microsoft said that Sweep is used 7.5 million times each week on
To make it simpler Microsoft has made Sweep a button instead of showing it on the menu, which triggers a pop-up resulting in fewer clicks to achieve a cleaner inbox.
Organized Search
The most common activity of an email is searching. Keeping this in mind Microsoft has improved the Search services. The upcoming update to the service will improve Search so that whenever a user searches for a specific person or mail, it brings up their name, pictures and all of their email addresses.
Systematized Categories supports various categories on the basis of the types of email the user receives such as newsletters and social updates. Now users are able to create their own categories accordingly and are able to send multiple emails using a link rather than a button.
Arrange Automatic Filing
With this upcoming update, a user will be able to select one or more messages and then optionally use a "Move all email from..." choice that will move all the messages of a particular sender from that current folder.
Along with this the update also contains improvements for instant actions for mobile, video and chat capabilities from popular services, including Skype, Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn and keyboard shortcuts. To find a range of advice about how to get your inbox back in order simply visit Outlook Blog.

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