Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Now Generally Available

With great celebration, Microsoft launched the full-fledged version of Visual Studio 2017 today. The company launched the very first version of Visual Studio on this day 20 years ago, and now, on the 20th anniversary, the new version of Visual Studio 2017 is launched.
It was in March 2016, when Visual Studio 2017 first went into public preview; it hit the status of Release Candidate in November 2016. The general availability of Visual Studio 2017 was scheduled for first quarter of 2017, and today, we have got it - the brand new Visual Studio 2017.
Visual Studio CVP Julia Liuson, just announced the general availability. The company claims Visual Studio 2017 to be the “The Most Productive Version Yet”.
You can download Visual Studio 2017 now. The software has arrived in three different versions, just as its predecessors did - the Community Edition, the Professional Edition, and the Enterprise Edition. Also, you should download the release notes for complete information.
Visual Studio 2017 brings enhancements to code navigation, IntelliSense, refactoring code fixes, and debugging. The company is also promising new lightweight and modular installation, a faster IDE from startup to shutdown, along with a new way to view, edit, and debug any code without projects and solutions.
Microsoft is organizing a live training also on March 8, 2017. You can find the schedule of the training as well as register for the training now.
Not only this, the company has brought an excited offer for the early adopters of Visual Studio 2017. If you download the new version within 7 days of launch, you get a free, extended 60-day trial subscription of Xamarin University.
So, your benefit gets doubled and you get to work on the most productive software offered by the software giant, Microsoft.

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