Microsoft will be gone by 2017

Is this analyst crazy? A report released by Gartner says that Microsoft may be obsolete by year 2017, in next 4 years.

Published on Yahoo Finance:

A report released today by Gartner, the technology research and advisory firm, forecasts that by 2017 shipments of devices using Google’s Android operating system will dwarf shipments of Windows PCs and phones. Shipments of Apple iPhones and iPads will be almost at parity with devices powered by Microsoft. 

This sound scary for Microsoft developers but let’s face it. If there is no PC or Office, what would Microsoft have today? Not much.

In 1990s, Microsoft had 90% operating system share and with dominance of tablets and mobile and Windows Phone not making a dent, where does Microsoft stand today? Definitely not at the top.

Can Windows 8 save Microsoft?

I think so. I see Windows 8 being more useful in home appliances, daily consumer operations such as gas stations, restaurants and coffee tables to surf Internet, check email and do other stuff. I still see Windows 8 far better touch operating system than any other mobile OS out there.

Time will tell.

Here is an interesting debate on ZdNet and almost half of the voters think Windows 8 won't make it.