Microsoft will beats the Apple iOS in next 3 years

In this post you will get information about Apple iOS operating system and Microsoft operating system. In the next three years Microsoft will beat the Apple iOS operating system.

As you know Microsoft is very biggest software company. Microsoft have already many operating system but today Apple iOS is very popular. Microsoft is planning to beat the Apple iOS operating system in next three years. According to vision of analyst at IHS, Microsoft will beat the Apple iOS operating system.

iOS vs wp7_thumb[7].png

Currently Apple iOS operating system have number 1 position and Microsoft's operating system have number 2 position. Lam claimed that the Nokia Lumia 900 will help Microsoft to improve its No. 2 position in WindowsPhones operating system market. According to IHS market of WindowsPhones share is at 2% of all WindowsPhones shipped in 2011, but Lam believes that will increase to 16.7 percent within three years i.e. 2015.