Microsoft Working On Project Neon, A New Design Language For Windows 10

Microsoft has made many new adjustments to its design language over the years. It all started with Windows 8 and has evolved into what we now know as “Microsoft Design Language 2 or MDL2" in Windows 10. The current design language which is being used by MDL2 is being used in Windows 10, and Microsoft has made plans of using a more streamlined design language with Redstone 3, code named Project NEON.
Cassim Ketfi at has confirmed this particular information, stating that the Project NEON is being called “basically Metro 2.”
According to, Project NEON has been in the works for over a year, initially at Microsoft. It is built upon the design language which has been introduced with Windows 10, with its clear and simple interfaces.
We do not yet have the details, however as per the reports, there are some new designs in the plans which include the addition of more transitions as well as animations. However, it seems that the main aim is to make the UI very fluid in comparison to the recent static UI which is MDL2.
It seems that the internal plans appear so as to suggest that the bulk of this new design language will appear with Redstone 3 in the early Fall of 2017, however, insiders will be able to access these new changes a bit earlier, most probably in April-May. There are possibilities that you will be able to see NEON bits appearing in Redstone 2 in early 2017.