Microsoft’s iPhone Keyboard Rumored To Come With One-Hand Typing mode

Microsoft rumored to launch one-hand mode version keyboard for iPhone.

Using your iPhone one-handed can be really uncomfortable and frustrating, especially if you are trying to message someone. Microsoft’s incoming keyboard might solve this particular issue, as it is rumored to come with one-handed mode. According to The Verge, the software giant is currently testing an early version of the keyboard, and it will soon be available to public testers.
Image Source: The Verge
While the Window 10 Mobile keyboard also supports one-handed mode, Microsoft’s iOS version is a bit different. The one-hand mode works on both the sides, allowing you to use either of the hands to swipe letters or type while you are on the go. The iOS version of the keyboard comes with a fanned key layout.
Except for the one-handed mode, the remainder of Word Flow for iOS is quite similar to the Windows Phone version. You can easily access word suggestions emojis, and swipe letters in order to type words. According to the rumors, Microsoft might launch Word Flow to iOS within a few months, and an Android version is also expected to be launched this year as well.