Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology announces cloud version

Microsoft’s PhotoDNA technology is now available in the cloud. PhotoDNA is a free service to help identify and remove online child sexual abuse photos and now the service is advanced with  a cloud version.
To stop the spread of online child sexual abuse photos was a challenge, until this new technology was introduced by Microsoft. According to stats, about 720,000 of these illegal/sexual abuse images are among the 1.8 billion pictures uploaded across the Internet each day. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible for service providers to search and remove them.
PhotoDNA Cloud Service will help in searching and removing online images that exploit children.
Now companies and organizations can learn how to access the free tools to help in curbing the spread of child abuse images on PhotoDNA Cloud Service site.
Here’s the screenshot of the PhotoDNA Cloud Service website where they can apply:
MS PhotoDNA 
Courtney Gregoire, a senior attorney at Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit stated:
“Finding these known child sex abuse images in that huge universe is like finding a needle in a haystack,”
“We needed an easier, more scalable way to identify and detect these worst of the worst images … and that’s how the concept for PhotoDNA in the cloud was born.”
Here’s the official video:

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