Microsoft’s “Scroogled” is coming to an end

Microsoft has ended its advertising war against Google. The ad campaign known as "Scroogled" is no longer being featured on TV or in newspapers. According to Business Insider, Microsoft has announced the end of the Scroogled ad campaign in favor of something more worth their money. The theme of the overall campaign was “Google deception” or “Google dishonesty.”

While attack ads are never all that enjoyable, “Scroogled” is particularly bad because it somehow made me want to use services like Bing and Outlook less. Using fear-mongering and somewhat misleading claims just doesn’t work on those who can see through them — hence the backlash. The petition that the company started to “tell Google to stop going through your email to sell ads” received over 110,000 signatures and Microsoft initially only set a goal of 25,000. So, in a way, the ads were a success. is still up and running, though, so the campaign is not completely toast. Microsoft is also going toe-to-toe with Google in its bid to dethrone Gmail with a new-and-improved Outlook email service.


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