Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 Powered With Key Hybrid Cloud Capabilities And Built-In In-Memory Technology Generally Available On April 1st

Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Data Platform Group, Quentin Clark, announced the release of SQL Server 2014 to manufacturers, recently, also declaring that SQL Server 2014 will be generally available on 1st April.
The latest from the house of Microsoft provides accelerated insights and “the ability to scale globally on-premises and in the cloud”, making SQL Server 2014 deliver a breakthrough performance.
One of the major highlights of this release is Hekaton, the new In-Memory Online Transaction Processing engine from Microsoft, which truly is a head turner. Hekaton will prove to be a great help in the line-of-business, transaction and the system-of-record database scenarios, by boosting the speed by up to 30x. Quentin says, “What I am most proud of is that the technology innovations we’re delivering today in SQL Server 2014 help customers create new business value and open up new possibilities and opportunities with data. In-memory transaction processing (In-Memory OLTP), speeds up an already very fast experience by delivering speed improvement of up to 30x.”.
SQL Server’s In-Memory OLTP has been built right into the box, so that the customers don’t need additional expensive software to take advantage of this technology, plus, the customers will also not have to deploy new servers or rewrite their application.
The other spotlight grabber is the hybrid cloud capabilities on offer. Customers can, now, securely and easily backup and recover on-premises SQL Server databases, using Windows Azure. SQL Server 2014’s AlwaysOn technology has not been only improved, but also has been built to enroll Windows Azure virtual machines that are running SQL Server, into a customers’ disaster recovery solution. The official announcement claims, “This turnkey solution builds on SQL Server 2014 availability in Windows Azure virtual machines – one can get SQL Server with its in-memory and mission-critical features up and running in an Azure VM in literally a few minutes. SQL Server 2014 will be available in a Windows Azure virtual machine image as part of general availability on April 1.”