Microsoft Announces Story Remix Windows 10 App

This news talks about the launch of Microsoft's Story Remix.

In the keynote session of Day 2 at Build 2017, Microsoft has announced the Windows Story Remix app, a new kind of creative application that helps Windows users collaboratively create stories from their photos and videos stored in different devices as well as on cloud.
Some would say Windows Story Remix is a new extended version of Windows Movie Maker from Windows XP and Windows 7, but it is way smarter and feature-rich in many aspects when compared to the Movie Maker.
Windows Story Remix works in Cloud, and allows users to pick content (mostly audios, videos, and images) from multiple sources like iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Working on it is extremely easy and you can build a creative video within a few clicks (or a few taps in case of touchscreen devices).
The app uses Machine Learning to analyze your actions and work accordingly on the stuff you want to build with it. On the stage, Microsoft demonstrated how Story Remix can set up a story automatically for you using your videos and images, considering your past actions and preferences.
However, you can customize the videos / clips by yourself too with great ease. Editing the video, adding sound track, implementing transitions, and cutting-pasting can be done with extremely minimal efforts from the user's end. Microsoft has combined Remix 3D and Paint 3D into this amazing app, so now you can import 3D models into movies and pin objects to the scenes. Not only this, you can add sound tracks from Groove Music Service offered by Microsoft.
The new Windows Stroy Remix app will be available along with other super cool applications like Fluent Design System and Windows Timeline, in the newly announced Windows 10 Fall Creators Update coming this fall. For news related to the these announcements, stay tuned with our News section.