Migrate from System.Data.OracleClient in two simple steps with Devart

Devart offers dotConnect for Oracle - fast and reliable ADO.NET provider for the wide range of users. Our ADO.NET provider is the most compatible with OracleClient. dotConnect allows you to migrate from MS OracleClient just in two simple steps.

As you might know from ADO.NET team blog Microsoft announced deprecation of OracleClient as a part of ADO.NET roadmap and strongly recommended to use third-party ADO.NET providers for Oracle instead of continuing to use Microsoft's OracleClient for new application development.

We have researched problems, which users may encounter migrating from OracleClient to dotConnect for Oracle and found two major. They are Interface differences and Behavior differences. Devart reduces all them just by 2 simple actions. Almost all differences in the names of the classes, methods, and fields between OracleClient and dotConnect for Oracle were removed. Migration Wizard will solve the problems with the minor differences that still exist so you don't have to learn new interface. All behavior differences will be simply reduced just by inserting one string to your code. As simply as that.

What benefits you have using dotConnect for Oracle?

We offer you to choose the best Edition to fit your needs. You need functionality similar to OracleClient - get it for FREE! Choose our FREE Express edition! If you want to develop and deploy database applications with ease or you need some advanced features and all functionality of Oracle - choose one of our Advanced Editions. Their prices start just from $149.95.

To learn more, download trial and free editions, or order a license welcome to Devart site:

To read full size article with pictures and examples visit dotConnect's team
blog: http://www.devart.com/blogs/dotconnect/?p=67 .

Enjoy simplicity of migration with us!


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