Mindcracker Network Announces Editor’s Choice Award 2010

Mindcracker Network announces its Editor’s Choice Award 2010.

Jan 10, 2009 (Philadelphia, PA)
Today, the Mindcracker Network announces its Editor’s Choice Award 2010. 

The Mindcracker Editor’s Choice Awards are given to the best products and service providers in Microsoft technologies for year 2009. These awards are selected by the Mindcracker Network Editorial Team lead by Mahesh Chand and Mike Gold. Other members of the Mindcracker Editorial Team include Praveen Kumar (MVP), Puran Mehra, and Sundar Lal. More details about the Mindcracker Editorial Team can be found at the Mindcracker Editorial Team here.

Here is a list of Editor’s Choice Award 2010 Winners for their respective categories.
Best performance and memory profiler
Best data visualization product
Best ASP.NET shared hosting 
Best Visual  Studio .NET add-on

About Mindcracker Network 

Founded in 2000, Mindcracker Network is group of online communities for Microsoft developers and IT professionals maintained and run by several Microsoft MVPs, trainers, authors, and consultant. For more details, please visit http://www.c-sharpcorner.com

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