ML.NET 1.2 Is Now Available

Microsoft has released ML.NET 1.2 and Model Builder updates.

Recently, Microsoft announced ML.NET 1.2 and new updates to Model Builder as well as to the CLI.
ML.NET 1.2 features the general availability of TimeSeries support for forecasting and anomaly detection, and other ML.NET packages that are related to using TensorFlow and ONNX models.
Source: Microsoft 
With 1.2, you can now easily integrate ML.NET models in web or serverless apps with Microsoft.Extensions.ML integration package, which currently is available in preview.
The MLNet CLI has reached 0.14, you can use it to automatically generate an ML.NET model and underlying C# code. ML.NET CLI can run on any command-prompt.
ML.NET Model Builder which gives an easy to understand visual interface to build, train, and deploy custom machine learning models, now supports .txt files and more delimiters for values. The company has also removed the 1GB limit on the training data size.
The company said that the default training time, which was 10 seconds before, is now set based on the size of your data. In the code generation step at the end of the model building process, the latest Builder now also adds the ML.NET 1.2 NuGet package.