Modern Document Libraries In SharePoint Now Available

Microsoft announces modern document libraries, which are now rolling out to all Office 365 commercial customers worldwide.

Microsoft announces modern document libraries, which are now rolling out to all Office 365 commercial customers worldwide.
Microsoft states,
“Helping people share files and collaborate on content has always been central to our mission. That’s why we’re creating a better experience for document libraries that’s faster, more intuitive and responsive”
Given below are the new features available as per the official blog.
User interface
Modern document libraries combine the power of SharePoint with OneDrive usability: Modern document libraries comes with an updated user interface which offers the same experience as OneDrive, hence it is more intuitive to create a new folder along with uploading the files in the browser. The company has replaced the ribbon with the trim command bar, which provides intelligent commands which are relevant to the tasks at hand. If your organization has customized the ribbon with buttons which map to the critical business functionality in your enterprise then these buttons will appear in the command bar too. With this new update, each Office 365 group will now gain a complete modern document library, which will replace the former “Files” page. 
Important documents easily highlighted: You will now be able to highlight important documents just by clicking Pin at the top in order to add documents “above the fold” in any onscreen view.
Copy and move files from the command bar: Copying is not new, however the copy and move gestures are intelligent about displaying your information architecture and allowing you to create new folders on the fly.
Import files from other libraries: It seems that you will not have to make numerous copies any more.
Microsoft states,
“Document libraries are also intelligent about remembering other files you’ve been using in SharePoint.”
Hence, you can now easily import other files from other libraries as links, without the need to duplicate the files between various sites. You will also be able see thumbnails along with metadata for native files. SharePoint will also show you your list of the most recent documents, hence you no longer need to cut and paste the link.
Personalized views simplified: The new document libraries allow you to group files directly in the main page, without the need to click to a separate admin screen. You can also click and drag in order to change the size of your columns along with sort, filter and group from any column header. If you want to make the view available for everyone to see, all you need to do is click on Save View.
Responsive and accessible design: Mobile browsers come with the same features as the desktop, making SharePoint "productive for every user" — whether they interact via mouse, keyboard, touch or screen reader.
Document metadata now available inline: You will now be able to edit directly from metadata from the main view in the information panel.
Microsoft states,
“No more clicking into multiple screens to apply an update!”
However, if you are in the view which group files by metadata, you can now easily drag and drop files between groups in order to update the metadata.
One-stop shopping for everything about your documents: With the help of the Office Online integration, you can now easily navigate the complete document preview available at the top of the information panel. The panel offers metadata,  includes the history of recent activity, updates to the files along with who has received a share to the file. You will also be able to add more users or stop all sharing immediately.
Keeping it authentically SharePoint: The Company states, “While we enhanced the document libraries to make them as intuitive and productive as possible, we know that the power of SharePoint has always been in your ability to customize document libraries to work for your team.”
At the same time, there is a rich tradition of using content types, check-in/check-out, versioning, records management and workflows in SharePoint. Modern document libraries succeed at all of these.
Modern libraries comes to Office 365 Groups: In order to bring in enhanced content management to group files, libraries belonging to an Office 365 group come with a new header control at the top of the page. The new control comes with a single link to the group’s conversation, from which users can easily navigate to calendar and member management.
Microsoft states,
“When we bring modern document libraries into production later in June, it will become the new default for all libraries in most cases. However, we will add the tenant and administrative controls in advance of the actual library rollout, so if you choose to opt out, you can do so before users start seeing the new experience. We also included customization detection, so if we see certain features and customizations that don’t work in the modern experience, we automatically drop back to classic mode.”