MongoDB Announces Modernization Toolkit

This Modernization Toolkit will Help in modernizing from legacy DBs to MongoDB

Recently, MongoDB announced the general availability of a modernization toolkit with partners Informatica and Hitachi Vantara Pentaho.
MongoDB said that this collaboration will empower customers to better move data from Oracle (RDBMS) to MongoDB while modernizing to the cloud.
The announcement said that Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) and Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) will simplify the process of cataloging and moving data into MongoDB utilizing a discovery-driven approach to data migration and integration.
Source: MongoDB 
This will enable users to perform impact analysis, discover data relationships, and track lineage. Not only this you will also be able to Design data migration/integration based on discovered assets, apply transformations, and manage end to end life cycle of data management. Said the company.
Pentaho's role will simplify and speed up the process of moving data from existing RDBMS databases into MongoDB, then it will enable further blending and analysis with new sources of data.
MongoDB said that this toolkit, in participation with MongoDB’s Modernization Scorecard, will help the company's customers assess the suitability of MongoDB for both new applications and application modernizations. The scorecard scores MongoDB and other databases against multiple criteria in each of the below sections of application requirements: 
  • Data modeling
  • Query requirements
  • Performance & scalability
  • Availability & disaster recovery
  • Operational management
  • Deployment model & TCO